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Aluminium Balustrade

$ 350-700 / metre

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  • 2 Week Install Time Sydney Metro Area
  • Powdercoating Options Available
  • Custom Design Made To Measure Your Site
  • Fabrication In-house At Our Sydney Factory
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Frequently Asked Questions

Compared to other balustrade materials such as glass or mild steel/wrought iron, aluminium balustrades and handrails are more affordable. The overall cost is also dependent on the size and scope of the project, the design features, the complexity of the installation and the length of materials required. As a rule of thumb, you can expect to pay an estimated cost of $350 – $700 per linear metre (depending on quantity, level or raking/angled & supply only or supplied & installed).

If you are looking to replace the old or damaged glass panels from your balustrade, it is advisable to contact experienced and licensed professionals to carry out the work to prevent further damage to your fittings, property and personal injury. Our experts at Bright Balustrading possess the knowledge and the technical experience to reinstall sentral posts, spigots, brackets, posts, handrails and other components safely and to industry standards which include meeting the correct height and strength requirements.

Our installers can re-fit your aluminium panels as follows: 

  • We reinstall panels made to the exact lengths of your original fitts, no trimming required under normal circumstances. 
  • We ensure that the new panels running between the sentral posts and brackets are oriented correctly.
  • We install panels as per the original layout drawing by pushing one end all the way to a post. We then slide the panel back into an adjoining post/bracket until it sits evenly in position. 

To maintain an aluminium handrail or balustrade, you can wash the surface with warm water mixed with a non-abrasive kitchen detergent, using a soft fibre cloth. To prevent shiny spots, we suggest not pressing too hard. This can also minimise streaking wash from the bottom up. Rinse the soapy surface with fresh warm water immediately ro remove all traces of detergent. Use a dry fibre cloth to wipe away droplets. 

Exposed aluminium (where powdercoating has been damaged or scratched) is often prone to oxidisation which leads to external damage like patina, small pits or holes. The aluminium surface also loses its shine, becoming dull and chalky in appearance. In Sydney’s humid environments or homes where salt water is present, oxidisation can be a common occurrence. If left over time, the chlorides and sulphates in atmospheric exposure will gradually wear away the structure of your aluminium balustrade or handrail. 

In applications where the aesthetical properties of your home are important, oxidisation can be critical and must be avoided. 

We list two simple ways to remove signs of oxidisation:

  1. Try lemon juice: If you are cleaning smaller surfaces or hard to reach areas, try rubbing a slice of lemon over the oxidised surface then wipe away. You can dip the slice in some salt to add abrasiveness if you are cleaning a particularly rough patch. If you don’t have lemon slices, you can use small containers of lemon juice and soak it into a fibre cloth as a cleaning alternative. 
  2. Apply aluminium cleaners: There are several aluminium cleaners on the market that are specially made to remove signs of oxidisation. Use gloves and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the commercial aluminium polish to reduce as much oxidation as feasible. Avoid cleaners containing ammonia and trisodium phosphate as these chemicals can corrode aluminium. 

We recommend cleaning your aluminium railing in Sydney with gentle detergent and clean water before attempting to remove oxidisation. To prevent further damage, corrosion and pitting of your aluminium railings from oxidisation, we also suggest applying a protective coating treatment to seal the surface of your balustrade. At Bright Balustrading, we can apply a premium quality sealant to your balustrade prior to installation. 

Alternatively, the exposed aluminium material can be touched up or removed, sandblasted, re-powder coated & re-installed.

While it is possible to install aluminium deck railing yourself, it is best to get in contact with experienced installers that have a clear understanding of Australian regulations for railings and handrails installed one metre above floor level. 

They can supply and install an aluminium balustrades/handrail that meets your design aesthetics and is made from durable materials that can withstand Sydney’s unpredictable weather systems. 

As installation specialists, we ensure that your product follows the National Construction Code 2019 Building Code of Australia Vol 2 Part, which specifies that for residential homes (and most other classes of buildings) that any stairway, ramp, deck, verandah, balcony, landing more than 1000mm above the ground must have a continuous barrier of some kind. This includes;

  • Ensuring the barrier is a minimum of 865mm above the floor level of stairways, ramps and short transitional landings (500mm or less).  

Hosting a range of benefits, aluminium balustrades or handrails are lightweight and modular and can arrive pre-assembled for a quick and straightforward assembly on-site. Due to their passivation layer, repairs and maintenance tasks can be completed by professionals and homeowners faster compared to timber or steel. Best of all, they can give you strength, flexibility and elegance without the extra weight. Aluminium delivers superior strength to weight ratio. Coupled with its flexibility, the metal can be moulded into a variety of shapes and organic forms, offering you unlimited design potential when it comes to the final look of your balustrade. 

For more information about what we can do for you, explore our projects today and our areas of service. Alternatively, reach out to our customer service team or learn more about our products in our FAQ page. 

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