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Bent And Curved Glass

We Measure & Install Bent & curved glass balustrade In Sydney

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At Bright Balustrading we offer a comprehensive Curved & Bent Glass service. Get your full architectural glass balustrade needs covered in one place including detailed measuring, designing, fabrication and installation.

Top / Surface Fixed – Frameless Curved Glass Balustrade / Barrier

Stand Offs – Frameless Curved Glass Balustrade / Barrier

Frequently Asked Questions

Bright Balustrading currently offers ten interior and exterior curved glass balustrade styles to choose from. Each style is manufactured from durable tempered glass and can be framed, semi-framed or frameless depending on your preferences, and project requirements. We can contribute to the specification, design, tender and construction stages of the curved glass for your upcoming installation project. This ensures the successful completion and integration of a curved balustrade into any sized project.

The overall cost of a curved glass balustrade is generally more expensive than straight glass balustrades. This is because the bending of glass involves a specialised manufacturing process and greater skill to achieve. As a result, this can hike up the cost of the finished product. The price can also be affected by the size, scope and complexity of the project demands as well as the length of glass required. At Bright Balustrading however, we can offer our products at a competitive price even when curved. As a rule of thumb, you can expect to pay anywhere between $2500 – $3500 per linear metre for a curved glass balustrade. 


The difference between curved glass balustrades and normal glass balustrades is as it sounds. Traditional glass balustrades feature flat panels of tempered glass whereas curved glass balustrades (sometimes known as bent glass balustrades), are glass panels that have been heated past their softening point and formed into a curved shape either by heat-treated bending or annealed gravity bending. In case of gravity bending, this softened glass is placed into a mould then cooled down slowly after the desired shape is achieved.

The best way to clean a curved glass handrail is with a bucket of warm water, a soft microfibre cloth and general dishwashing liquid. For an adequate clean, soak your microfibre cloth in warm soapy water then wipe the glass surface up and down. Let it dry naturally. 

Premium quality curved glass staircases and handrails are manufactured from tempered glass, a glass material that doesn’t shatter or crack under immense stress or impact. As a result, it gives curved glass a high level of safety. The hardening process of tempered glass makes the individual sheets robust, resistant to shocks and thermal stresses. In case of glass breakage, the slab shatters into small pieces without sharp edges for maximum safety.

We aim to deliver professional and timely glass balustrade supply services to all homeowners and builders, construction and fitout organisations in Sydney with our wide range of products and tight quality control standards. Our experience in the field has allowed us to work with government agencies, insurance companies, schools, real estate developers, shopping malls, hotels and property maintenance companies. We are a team of installers who can improve your property’s value, restore your security and give you peace of mind – no matter what your project needs, we are the experts to turn to. 

For more information about our areas of service, reach out to our customer service team or learn more about our products in our FAQ page. 

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