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Guildford Private Residence

Project Name: Guildford Private Residence
Developer: Blackstone Project Group
Architect: CAD Plans Pty Ltd
Builder: Builtex & Blackstone Project Group Project information: This private residence was built sparing no cost and with no shortcuts, in the pursuit of the highest quality products and finishes. The build was commissioned with the intent as the forever home for a maturing family. Supervised closely in cooperation between the owners, builders, interior designers and subcontractors, there was a high level of coordination in ensuring all the works and products come out best and last a lifetime with particular attention to detail on the finishes. The result is truly a testament to the efforts, collaboration and commitment of all involved.
Located in: Guildford
What did we do: Design, fabrication, surface coatings, supply and install of all internal curved glass stair balustrades. External balcony balustrades. External balcony glass privacy screen. Handrails. Swimming Pool fencing and gates
What are the Products:Curved Glass. Curved Handrails. LED Handrails. Powder-coated stainless-Steel handrails with custom brackets for LED lighting. Swimming Pool Fencing. Swimming Pool Gates. Balcony frameless glass balustrade using heavy duty glazing channel. Glass Spigot frameless glass balustrade. (Can you hyperlink all the different products to the product categories?)
How many Over 50 lineal meters
Project duration: 6 months
Project Value: Over 100k
Project Year: 2022
Product Inquiry CGL-4-01
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