Steel and Wire Balustrade / Steel and Wire Balustrading - Balustrade & Handrail Suppliers in Sydney

We offer high quality stainless steel and wire balustrade in the sydney and surrounding areas upto new castle, central coast, wollongong etc.
We specialise in measuring, fabricating, supplying and installing a wide variety of stainless steel and wire balustrade which are fabricated with high material - greatest precision and attention to detail by our expert team in Sydney.

A wire balustrade is the use of wire or cable to form a protective barrier used on voids, decks, landings, stairs or many other applications with a fall of up to 4 metres to the below surface. Wire balustrade can be used as an alternative to glass, aluminium or full timber balustrade. Bright Balustrading’s stainless steel wire balustrade uses hardware that is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Stainless steel wire balustrade is suitable for staircases, balconies and decking areas. All our stainless-steel materials are marine grade 316, making our wire balustrade suitable for coastal installations as well as Sydney wide.
Note: Where the trafficable surface is more than 4m or more above the surface beneath, only vertical wires may be used in the balustrade.
Bright Balustrading highly recommends stainless steel wire balustrade as they are very robust, require minimal maintenance and cleaning and suit any style of home and space.
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