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Bright LED Handrails

LED Handrails

Bright Balustrading is pleased to introduce our especially BRIGHT handrails with LED lighting incorporated within.
Bright Balustrading’s “BRIGHT Handrails” range has been especially created to deliver a stylish and classy feature to our clients’ homes and spaces. As well as being elegant, they’re very functional and provide practical lighting up stairs, paths and corridors.
They are sleek, unobtrusive lighting solutions that can be installed into the handrails of your staircases for maximum visibility. Handrail lighting also adds sophistication and refinement to your built environment to complement any space.
The integration of the lighting coupled with the experience Bright Balustrading has in custom fabricating the highest quality handrails with the best locally procured stainless steel materials means Bright offers world class products and service delivery.
Adding LED lighting further creates a mood lifting ambience, as well as improving visibility in low lit areas and during the night.
Bright Balustrading comes out for a free consultation (either onsite or off-site), site measures, produces CAD drawings,procures and supplies, manufactures by fully welding/bending offsite and installs the handrails as well as the required lighting and wiring to enable our clients to get a full end to end solution completely taken care of by Bright from the very start from consultancy to testing and turning on the Bright lights leaving your home/space a statement piece rather than just a building.
These handrails can be designed for either indoor or outdoor use in in several variations of handrails from:
  1. Base material selections of Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass finished
  2. Surface finishes – Stainless steel in a brushed finish, satin finish, mirror finish. Aluminium in powder-coated finish with an unlimited variation of colours available or anodized finish
  3. Handrail profiles – Round, rectangular, square or oval etc
  4. Light types – LED Strip lighting or LED spot/Puck lighting or a combination
  5. Light controls – Switch connected, timer connected, low light detection sensors
As everything is custom and bespoke designed and fabricated, almost anything your imagination can dream can be created.
Several benefits include:
  • Energy saving over traditional lighting
  • Night light use for safety and better visibility
  • Can be integrated for use as a low level, night light to illuminate as staff or residents move through the corridors
  • Available raw or with a hard wearing, triple layer, anti microbial coating
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