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Distinction Between PVB and SGP Laminated Glass..? (PVB vs SGP)..?

Balustrades and railings provideTempered glass is sometimes referred to as safety glass, while another form of safety glass is known as tempered laminated glass. Laminated glass is essentially a sandwich of two pieces of glass. It is composed of two or more plies of glass separated by a vinyl interlayer (EVA/PVB/SGP).
The glass will tend to stay together in the event that one is shattered, making it suitable for use as a safety glazing material.
Laminated glass is utilised in contemporary windshields because it withstands impact better than other forms of glass. The sandwiched interlayer provides structural strength to the glass and prevents it from splitting apart like tempered glass.

The difference between PVB and EVA

Cost: SGP > PVB > EVA
Color:EVA > PVB > SGP
(also EVA does well connected with many different materials,so it’s a very nice interlayer for decoration glass)
Bulletproof glass is laminated glass that has many layers of film and glass bonded together. Normally, it comes with PVB laminated glass; however, if you have a large enough budget, consider SGP laminated glass:)Here, Explain the difference between PVB and SGP laminated glass.

(a) Material

SGP is abbreviation of SentryGuard Plus Interlayer, crated by American brand Dupont, on June 1, 2014, Kuraray Co., Ltd. became the exclusive licensee for the technology and trademark of SentryGlas®.
PVB is Polyvinyl butyral, many different suppliers can produce this material all around the world.

(b) Thickness

PVB thickness is 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, multiple of 0.38mm,
SGP thickness is 0.89mm, 1.52mm, 2.28mm, etc.

(c) SGP is safer than PVB..?

The primary distinction is that “SGP” will remain standing when both sides are broken, but “PVB” would fall down or break when both sides are injured. SGP laminated glass is up to 100 times stiffer and five times stronger than PVB laminated glass.
As a result, designers choose to utilise SGP laminated glass in applications that are subjected to poor weather, such as storms, hurricanes, and cyclones, as well as in places where there is conflict or a requirement for tight security. Kindly note, it doesn’t means SGP is safer than PVB all the time.
Example : A laminate with SGP, for example, will not satisfy windshield safety requirements since the SGP is stiffer and the laminated glass would be too stiff for head contact. SGP is not utilised in laminates in vehicle glass for a reason.
(EVA laminate glass – if non-tempered, is not considered safety glass because its poor penetration resistance)

(f) Clarity

Because the SGP yellow index is less than 1.5 and the PVB yellow index is generally 6-12, SGP laminated glass is significantly clearer than PVB laminated glass.

(g) Application

Railing, fence, stair, floor,shower room, table top, windows, glass sliding door, glass partition, glass skylight, glass curtain wall, windows, glass doors, glass facade,windshields, bullet-proof glass, etc. are all applications for PVB laminated glass.
SGP also manufactures bullet-proof glass, explosion-proof glass, and high-speed train windshields, railings
SGP hurricane glass, ceiling, skylight, stairwell, stairs, floor, fence, canopy, divider, and so forth.
Because SGP laminated glass is more expensive than PVB laminated glass, if the environment or scenario is not adverse, PVB laminated glass is more cost-effective than SGP laminated glass.
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