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About Us

Bright Balustrading is an engineering company experienced and specialising in the field of metalwork engineering, particularly in the fabrication and installation of balustrades, handrails, swimming pool fences, bollards, fencing and gates. We specialise in customised work, allowing our product range to be expanded upon at every opportunity. With over 15 years of experience, we're always looking for new and innovative ways to keep our customers happy as well as meeting their needs. We value the right to the utmost of efficiency and professionalism without undermining a customer's peace of mind.

One of our core objectives is to deliver only top-notch quality products. Our high-quality manufacturing detail is clear from our use of only high-grade materials and the level of pride Bright Balustrading takes in presenting and displaying it's works and how robust and long lasting its products are. Bright Balustrading aims to meet the very specific needs of our every client. We take pride in our company's name, ensuring an attention to detail and precision in the quality of our services and projects.
Bright Balustrading strives to satisfy customer demands as quickly as possible; therefore the goals we aim to execute into our day to day operations include reduced wait times, shorter lead times and faster processing times while still maintaining the great level of quality Bright Balustrading holds in high accordance.
Bright Balustrading, with its acquirement of years and years of experience, over a decade, has adorned itself with a reputation of operating at a highly consistent and reliable level. We strongly believe a highly durable product is a dependable product.

We value your inherent right to a high degree of professionalism, and ensure that this is met through the positive calibre of the people in our company.
Most other businesses tend to standardise their products, however over time, customer preferences require custom options of goods. Bright balustrading understands that customisation refers to the creations of individualised products to meet the very specific need of the customers, and Bright Balustrading caters to those very needs, we know that your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Bright Balustrading can customise your wants to varying levels of degree from stainless steel balustrade to glass balustrade or stainless steel wire balustrade and almost any combination of your choosing.

Bright Balustrading has mastered this art of creating, designing, and applying mechanical principles to practical ends, providing functionality and ensuring a superior distinction in our company's workings. We strive to offer a new and prestigious degree of brilliance.

Bright Balustrading has had over 15 years of experience in its field and has become synonymous with reliability, prestigious service and dependability, providing uncompromising value to our company.

About us

Bright Balustrading Pty Ltd, A Trusted name.


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