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Design > Fabricate > Supply > Install Balustrades and Handrails in Sydney | License : 247744C | ABN : 79 137 298 803

Design > Fabricate > Supply > Install Balustrades and Handrails in Sydney | License : 247744C | ABN : 79 137 298 803

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We Custom Fabricate Handrails To
Fit Your Exact Specifications

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Buildimprove Constructions Pty Ltd
Buildimprove Constructions Pty Ltd
Very happy with Bright balistrading, there was a lot of changes from my client and Arslan, Jameer and all the site installers were very accomodating, nothing was too hard to ask, never complained and they did a quality job. Thank you
Brian Dunn
Brian Dunn
We had balustrading installed to our front steps and porch.I found Bright Balustrading a very professional organization to deal with from the time we initiated contact to the final installation. The whole process of getting a quote to the visit by an engineer to do the technical measurements was done in a timely manner that fitted in with us. We are very happy with the installation team and final product.
Andreas Baglamopektis
Andreas Baglamopektis
Our job was quite complex. Aluminium balustrades were installed on two balconies. We wanted a timber looking federation style design to integrate with existing timber facade. One balcony is curved. We also requested a different coloured handrail. Not all companies take on more complex work. Despite some delays starting I was surprised with the finished product. Bright Balustrades did a great job. The installers were hard working, clean and professional. They cleaned the site on completion. I would recommend this company, especially if you have old timber that needs constant maintenance. Had I originally known this result was possible I never would have used timber to begin with.
Sj Park
Sj Park
Professional and highly skilled team. Satisfied with the results.
penny Maguire
penny Maguire
Found Bright Bal on line and approached them for a quote to install frameless glass pool fencing downstairs and a stainless steel wire balestrade on our upstairs balcony. I chose them firstly because their web site made it easy to select the style I wanted, then they sent a prompt and accurate quote. From the moment I booked them everything went smoothly. Everyone we dealt with at Bright Balestrading was helpful and professional and these guys really know what they are doing. The product is exactly as described and has been installed beautifully. I particulary commend every installer that came to do our job - they worked long hours in heat and took their time to do everything so accurately. The end result is everything we hoped for and has really added value to our home. I would happily recommend this company to anyone and am happy to supply photos and or recommendations.
Lachlan Wensemius
Lachlan Wensemius
Great quality work and the boys we had on site were very easy to work with. Highly recommend.
Derrick Thomas
Derrick Thomas
Great company, clear communication, prompt to respond and very professional. Arslan was quick to assist me in getting balustrade installed at my property. Couldn't be happier with the result. Highly recommend Bright Balustrading.
Jojo O
Jojo O
A job well done! Arslan ensure good communication with me from start to finish. At the end, it is a happy customer experience. I will recommend their services always.

HR-01 Wall Fixed


38mm Round


50mm Round


32mm Round


50x10mm Flatbar

HR-02 Free Standing


38m Round


50mm Round


50x10mm Flatbar

HR-03 Single Unit Curved Ends


38mm Round


50mm Round

HR-04 Curved Handrails


38mm Round


50mm Round


32mm Round

HR-05 LED Strip Handrail


Strip LED Intregrated Into 38mm Round


Strip LED Integrated Into 50mm Round


Spot LED Integrated Into 38mm Round


Spot LED Integrated Into 32mm Round


Spot LED Integrated Into 50mm Round


Spot LED Integrated Into 50x25mm RHS Round

HR-06 Brass & Copper Handrails


38m Round


50mm Round


50x10mm Flatbar

HR-07 Timber Handrails


38mm round




50mm round


32mm round


50x42mm flat bottom round


65×42 Oval shaped


80x42mm Ellipse shaped


80x62mm Ellipse shaped


Mushroom shaped


Custom profiled

HR-08 Disability Handrail


38m Round


50mm Round

HR-09 Double Handrails


38m Round


50mm Round

HR-10 Vertical Barriers


38m Round


50mm Round


38x38mm square


50x50mm square


50x25mm rectangular


50x10mm Flatbar

HR-11 Pool Handrails


38m Round


50mm Round

HR-12 Leather Handrails


38m Round


50mm Round


50x10mm Flatbar

HR-13 Acrylic/Lucite Handrails


38m Round


32mm round


32mm round

Standard & Raked Brackets

Standard & Raked Brackets available for both 50 x 25mm and 75 x 25mm rail options. With their sleek design and durable construction,
our brackets are the perfect choice for any balustrade project.

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What are the benefits of using handrails?

Handrails offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Improved Safety: They provide a sturdy grip for navigating stairs, uneven surfaces, and inclines, preventing falls.
  • Accessibility: Handrails assist people with mobility limitations, especially on stairs and ramps.
  • Building Code Compliance: Handrails are often mandatory in residential and commercial buildings to meet building codes.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Handrails can add a decorative touch to your property, complementing its overall design.
What materials do you offer for handrails?

We offer a variety of handrail materials to suit your needs and budget:

  • Wood: Provides a classic and warm aesthetic, perfect for traditional homes.
  • Metal: Durable and low-maintenance, available in options like aluminium, stainless steel, and wrought iron.
  • Cable: Creates a modern and sleek look, ideal for contemporary spaces.
  • Glass: Offers a minimalist design with unobstructed views, suitable for balconies and staircases.
What styles of handrails do you provide?

We offer a wide range of handrail styles to match your taste and architectural style:

  • Horizontal slats: A classic and versatile option.
  • Vertical pickets: Provides a more traditional look.
  • Cable rails: Creates a contemporary and open feel.
  • Glass panels: Offers a minimalist and elegant design.
  • Custom designs: We can create custom handrails to meet your specific requirements.
Do you offer handrail installation?
  • Yes, we offer professional handrail installation services in Sydney by experienced technicians. We ensure a safe and efficient installation process.

What information do I need to provide for a handrail quote?
  • To provide an accurate quote, we'll need details like the desired length, material, style, and location of the handrail. Any specific building code requirements or disability access considerations would also be helpful.

How do I maintain my handrails?
  • Maintenance depends on the material. Typically, regular cleaning with appropriate solutions will suffice. Wood may require periodic staining or sealing. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific care guidelines.

Are there any building code regulations for handrails?
  • Yes, handrails must comply with specific Australian Building Codes and Standards for safety and accessibility. We can help ensure your handrails meet all necessary regulations.