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Wire Balustrade​ Sydney

We Fabricate & Install Custom Wire Balustrades In Sydney

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Frequently Asked Questions

Costs may vary depending on the use and scale of the installation. Contact us for a free quote.

Wires are tightened using different equipment depending on the location of the posts. This ensures the necessary tension is created to prevent sagging, which may be a safety hazard.

Yes. Steel wire balustrades installed by professionals are safe and compliant with building regulations.

Yes. One of the creative ways to renovate your indoor living area is through wire balustrade, which creates sleek continuous lines for a modern look.

We have years of experience selling and installing wire balustrades in Sydney. Our technical staff is trained to ensure professionalism and high-quality work for your home or commercial space.

Request a callback to find out more about our quotes for your wire installation.

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