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Frequently Asked Questions​

Bright Balustrading can provide custom glass balustrades for staircase, balconies, decking areas and terrace applications over 1 metre in accordance with the BCA’s guidelines. Depending on your design and barrier requirements, we can offer the following quality balustrade styles: 

– Frameless glass balustrades

– Frameless mini spigot post glass balustrades

– Semi-framed glass balustrades

– Framed glass balustrades

The overall cost of a glass balustrade is heavily dependent on the style you choose, the size and scope of the project, the complexity of the installation as well as the length and fixing type. In general, most panels can cost from $450 per linear metre with frameless styles costing anywhere between $400 – $500 per metre for level and straight areas. Custom frameless balustrades to stairs with custom cut angles are more expensive and will vary from anywhere between $700 – $1000 per metre. 

Regardless of the price, all project planning and installation services, from initial consultation to the project’s ultimate completion will also factor into the cost. For more information, contact our customer service team about our price guide. 

This can be done by an individual with practicable experience in the building industry however it is essential that the installer knows all the relevant Australian standards and codes for balustrades installed over 1 metre from the floor level. It is advisable to use a contractor (i,e Bright Balustrading) that specialises in this industry. As installation specialists, we can ensure that your framed or frameless glass balustrade follows AS 1288 requirements (glass balustrades installed at heights one metre and over when measured from an adjoining floor level or area to provide a handrail that will take an imposed load).

Surprisingly, the best way to clean a glass railing in Sydney is with a bucket of warm water, a microfibre cloth and dishwashing liquid. The cleaning process couldn’t be simpler. Just soak your cloth in the warm and soapy water then wipe down on all the glass surfaces. Bright Balustrading will provide a cleaning and maintenance manual on completion of the installation project.

This depends on the type of glass balustrade that you wish to install into your property, the length and fixing type and the installation of the custom project. Generally frameless balustrades are around the same cost as the framed glass railings.

Not only can they elevate the aesthetics of a property, glass balustrades are very safe as they are manufactured from thick tempered glass which is designed to not shatter or crack on impact. They can also provide a barrier on stairways and balconies to prevent yourself, children and pets from falling off the edge.

With our impressive product diversity and strict quality control regulations, Bright Balustrading aims to provide professional and timely glass balustrade supply services to all homeowners and builders, construction and fitout companies in Sydney. Our target market is as broad as we are. We’ve worked with government agencies, insurance companies, schools, real estate developers, shopping malls, hotels and property maintenance companies. Shopfront renovations and shopping centres have been among the major projects we’ve completed. Whatever your project needs, know that we are the team of qualified installers that can raise the value of your property, restore your security and give you peace of mind.

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