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LED Handrail

We Fabricate & Install LED Handrails In Sydney

We fabricate and install LED handrails in Sydney. Choose between metal, aluminium brass or an electroplated finish on your handrail with LED lighting. With custom design, fabrication and installation services available - choose Bright Balustrading for your next LED Handrail project.

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We proudly offer full cycle design, fabrication & installation services

LED Handrail

Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Timber & more

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We fabricate & install across Sydney!
  • Puck or Strip Lighting
  • Sydney Metro Install Available
  • Custom Design & Fabrication With Your Choice Of Material
  • 4 Week Installation Time From On-site Measure To Install
  • +1000 Balustrading Projects Completed in Sydney


Puck lighting Handrails Options:

  • Round handrails. 38mm or 50mm round for puck lighting.
  • Finishes / materials:
  • Stainless,
  • Aluminium. Powder coated or Anodized
  • Mild steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Electroplated special finishes. Including gold

Strip lighting Handrails Options:

  • Only 50mm round 38mm round stainless slotted
  • Requires custom handrail brackets with saddles.
  • Electroplated finishes available

Handrail With LED Lighting

If you need to install LED handrails systems, we are the company for you.

Bright Balustrading is dedicated to providing solutions that will guarantee impeccable results in each project providing a service that is committed to our client’s requirements. 

You can check all our projects by clicking here, where you can see our work and check the high quality we want to reflect.

Choose Bright Balustrading For Your Next Handrail With LED Lighting Project

Custom Handrail Finishes

Get custom finishes like metal plating, powder coating and eco-friendly finishes to achieve the look you want.

In-house Fabrication

Our team of qualified fabricators can build any product you want. You dream it, we build it.

Full Cycle - Design to Install

Get full service from consulting to design, supply and installation. Bright Balustrading is your one stop shop for all your LED handrail needs.

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Bright Balustrading – Specialists in the design, supply, fabrication and installation of Balustrades and Handrails in Sydney for over 20 years – Serving both the Residential and commercial industries and markets.
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Frequently Asked Questions

At Bright Balustrading we offer a wide range of handrail designs as each project can be customised to the client’s needs.

Some of our most popular options are free-standing handrails, integrated, wall-mounted, vertically extended, double handrails, disabled ramp handrails and more. 

Each handrail can be adapted to be straight or curved, so you have more options, for more information you can click here, to check all of our handrail projects. 

There are many different railing materials, some of the most common are: Stainless steel, aluminium, brass, glass, timber top rails/handrails and mild steel.

As all of our handrailing designs are personalised, our clients can choose the material that will fit their requirements better.

LED puck lights and LED strip lights are both popular choices for handrail lighting, but they have some key differences in terms of design, installation, and light output.

  1. Design:
  • LED puck lights are small, round, and typically surface-mounted or recessed into a surface. They are individual light fixtures that provide a concentrated, directional light.
  • LED strip lights, on the other hand, consist of a flexible strip with small LED chips mounted along its length. The strip can be cut to size and is often used to provide a continuous, linear light source.
  1. Installation:
  • Puck lights are generally easier to install than strip lights, as they are individual units that can be surface-mounted or recessed into a surface with minimal wiring.
  • Strip lights require more precise installation, as the strip needs to be cut to size and attached to the surface with adhesive. The strip also needs to be wired correctly to ensure that all the LED chips receive power.
  1. Light output:
  • Puck lights provide a concentrated, directional light that is ideal for highlighting specific areas or features.
  • Strip lights provide a more even, diffuse light that is ideal for general illumination.

Overall, the choice between puck and strip lighting for handrails depends on the specific needs of the project, including the desired light output, installation requirements, and aesthetic preferences.

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